Scars and stretchmarks treatment

Scars and stretchmarks treatment

Scars and stretchmarks trouble many women and men. These problems occur very randomly and they may have many origins. Hence, the treatment is very challenging. However, our clinic provides multiple solutions which will meet your specific needs. Our experienced dermatologist will examine you and then recommend the most suitable procedure for your scar or stretchmark.

Related procedures

Chemical peel is fast, non- invasive, painless treatment which can solve wide range of problems. The peeling compound consists of complex antioxidants and acids.

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical, invasive (but painless!), safe, cosmetic treatment with no side effects.

Laser treatment is extremely popular in aesthetic medicine and dermatology because it is safe, convenient and effective.

Mesotherapy is micro- invasive, non- surgical procedure which will tremendously boost the quality of your skin.

Plasmotherapy, also known as vampire lifting, has become one of the most frequently used natural therapies for anti- aging. Firstly, the most nutritous parts of you plasma are extracted.

Soskin peel  
Soskin peel for pigmentation  
Soskin peel for sensitive skin  
Soskin peel for rejuvenation  
Medical peel  
Removal of skin tags 800 - 1.600 Kč
Odstranění kožních lézí (cena dle rozsahu) 700 - 1.100 Kč
Removal of pigmentation (depends on size) from 1.000 Kč
Removal of spider veins on face 500 Kč - 2.000 Kč
Removal of spider veins on legs 1.000 - 2.500 Kč
Removal of hemangioma 500 - 1.500 Kč
Rejuvenation 1.200 Kč
Treatment of onychomadesis 2.000 Kč
Removal of scars 800 - 1.500 Kč
Removal of acne scars from 3.000 Kč
Removal of stretchmarks from 3.000 Kč
Acne treatment 2.500 Kč (1 body part)
Herpes treatment od 500 Kč
Treatment of old wound scars od 500 Kč

The prices above are for illustrative purposes only. The final price will be determined by our doctors during your consultation.

Plasmotherapy 1 vial + Jalupro 7.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy 2 vials + Jalupro 9.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy 3 vials + Jalupro 11.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 1 vial 8.000 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 2 vials 10.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 3 vials 13.500 Kč
Face hydrolifting 6.500 Kč
Face plasmotherapy Juvederm Volite 9.500 Kč
Hair plasmotherapy 5.000 Kč

Demonstration of results

Example of scars and stretchmarks treatment (before and after)
Example of scars and stretchmarks treatment (before and after)
Example of scars and stretchmarks treatment (before and after)

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