Mesotherapy is micro- invasive, non- surgical procedure which will tremendously boost the quality of your skin.

The procedure

  • Vitamins and healing substances are inserted into the skin with microneedles
  • The punctures are painless, but the procedure can be performed in local anesthesia
  • The vitamins and healing substances can be combined with hyaluronic acid

Effects last up to 1 year

  • The effects will include younger look, removal of minor wrinkles and overall better quality of you skin
  • After the procedure
  • It is recommended to repeat the procedure at least once a year
  • Avoid direct sunbeams for few days after the procedure
  • Minor puncture marks may be visible for up to 2 days

Price list

Plasmotherapy 1 vial + Jalupro 7.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy 2 vials + Jalupro 9.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy 3 vials + Jalupro 11.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 1 vial 8.000 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 2 vials 10.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 3 vials 13.500 Kč
Face hydrolifting 6.500 Kč
Face plasmotherapy Juvederm Volite 9.500 Kč
Hair plasmotherapy 5.000 Kč

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