Aesthetic medicine

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Say goodbye to your sweaty palms and spots on your shirts from underarm sweating. Your problems can be solved at our clinic.

Unfortunately, we do not possess the fountain of youth (yet).

Sadly, we are getting older every day. Consequently, wrinkles begin to appear more and more.

Start proudly displaying your body again. Genesys Medical will solve your cellulite problems just in few visits.

Undereye circles are not just the mark of tiredness which easily disappears after a good night sleep.

Scars and stretchmarks trouble many women and men. These problems occur very randomly and they may have many origins.

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical, invasive (but painless!), safe, cosmetic treatment with no side effects.

Thread lifting is micro- invasive technique which has extremely beneficial effects for your skin.

Mesotherapy is micro- invasive, non- surgical procedure which will tremendously boost the quality of your skin.

Lipotropic injections will help you lose weight in your desired areas.

Hyaluronic acid is very frequently used in aesthetic medicine because it naturally occurs in human tissue.

There are a lot of myths and legends about Botulotoxin.

Plasmotherapy, also known as vampire lifting, has become one of the most frequently used natural therapies for anti- aging.

Genesys Medical offers multiple treatments which help to rejuvenate skin. This plan is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Price list

Glabella + forehead 6.870 Kč
Forehead 3.850 Kč
Eyes 3.250 Kč
Eyes + glabella + forehead 10.100 Kč
Central parts of face - mouth vicinity 2.000 Kč
Corners of the mouth 2.000 Kč
Above upper lip 2.000 Kč
Chin 2.000 Kč
Armpit - sweat reduction  
Filling 1 ml from 8.000 Kč
Filling 2 ml – periost from 18.000 Kč
Filling of undereye circles 8.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy 1 vial + Jalupro 7.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy 2 vials + Jalupro 9.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy 3 vials + Jalupro 11.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 1 vial 8.000 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 2 vials 10.500 Kč
Plasmotherapy PRP + PRF - 3 vials 13.500 Kč
Face hydrolifting 6.500 Kč
Face plasmotherapy Juvederm Volite 9.500 Kč
Hair plasmotherapy 5.000 Kč
Cheeks + philtrum 30.000 Kč
Cheeks + philtrum, lower parts of face + jowl 34.500 Kč
Cheeks + philtrum, lower parts of face + jowl+ liposuction 50.000 Kč
Cheeks + eyebrows 50.000 Kč
Eyebrows 20.000 Kč
Cheeks 9.000 Kč
Cheeks + jowl 12.000 Kč
Eyebrows 6.000 Kč

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