There are a lot of myths and legends about Botulotoxin. However, the truth is that Botulotoxin is the most significant and most widely used substance in aesthetic medicine. It can be used for removal of excessive sweating or wrinkle reduction. Additionally, it can also treat migraines.

Wrinkle reduction

  • Botulotoxin is applied with tiny injections to facial muscles
  • Procedure takes only few minutes
  • First results can be observed within 2-5 days
  • Final results will be obsereved after 14 days
  • The effects last approximately 3-6 months
  • Redness of skin is very common immediately after the procedure. This effect should disappear within hours
  • Please, try to avoid direct sunbeams, saunas and intense physical activity for 2 days after the procedure

Excessive sweating

  • Almost painless procedure
  • The effects last 9- 12 months

Price list

Glabella + forehead 6.870 Kč
Forehead 3.850 Kč
Eyes 3.250 Kč
Eyes + glabella + forehead 10.100 Kč
Central parts of face - mouth vicinity 2.000 Kč
Corners of the mouth 2.000 Kč
Above upper lip 2.000 Kč
Chin 2.000 Kč
Armpit - sweat reduction  

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