Laser treatments

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Laser treatment is extremely popular in aesthetic medicine and dermatology because it is safe, convenient and effective.

Price list

Removal of skin tags 800 - 1.600 Kč
Odstranění kožních lézí (cena dle rozsahu) 700 - 1.100 Kč
Removal of pigmentation (depends on size) from 1.000 Kč
Removal of spider veins on face 500 Kč - 2.000 Kč
Removal of spider veins on legs 1.000 - 2.500 Kč
Removal of hemangioma 500 - 1.500 Kč
Rejuvenation 1.200 Kč
Treatment of onychomadesis 2.000 Kč
Removal of scars 800 - 1.500 Kč
Removal of acne scars from 3.000 Kč
Removal of stretchmarks from 3.000 Kč
Acne treatment 2.500 Kč (1 body part)
Herpes treatment od 500 Kč
Treatment of old wound scars od 500 Kč

The prices above are for illustrative purposes only. The final price will be determined by our doctors during your consultation.

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